Rachel, Tommy’s Wife

We caught up with Rachel, Tommy’s wife, to talk a little about Tommy’s new nutritional plan. Since she does most of the food prep in the house (and works as a personal trainer), she has become something of an expert on their new eating habits.

First of all, what’s the name of this new diet that Tommy is on?
It was given to him by his nutritionist friend, Pete, who calls it the “Super Immunity Diet.”

What exactly prompted the desire to change eating habits.
Well, Tommy’s up a good 15-20 lbs for what his frame should carry. It comes with age and eating junk. He might have gotten away with eating that way before, but not anymore.

What foods are left off the diet?
Most diets cut out certain foods entirely, which isn’t necessarily a great thing, because when you reintroduce them it can be a problem. But we are avoiding certain foods on this one, like foods that aren’t nature-made. Nothing on the list comes out of a package, except the breakfast cereal. So that eliminates a lot of non-food items.

This diet adds a ton of foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. There are also foods that aren’t on the list that you can still add. The sample meal plan (attached) doesn’t have tomatoes on there, but I’ve added them.

Sometimes it’s not always reasonable to eat only the exact foods that are listed on a diet. With Tommy’s travel schedule it can be challenging, so we say that the best option when on the go is to get the biggest salad that he can and maybe add some chicken to it.

Let’s talk about picky eating. Are either of you guilty of it?
I’m not picky at all. I’ll eat anything. But Tommy can be pretty picky. He’s not a big fan of kale, so I’ll usually cut that up and mix it into some spinach and tomatoes to sort of wash the flavor out of there. He has put his foot down on brussels sprouts, too. He absolutely will not eat them. And he won’t drink almond milk. But other than that he’s been a good sport. He doesn’t like mushrooms and broccoli, but he’ll eat them. He pretty much becomes robotic once he sits down and starts eating.

How long is this diet intended to last?
We’re trying to create a new way of eating, so really it’s not a diet. Once he gets to where he wants to be, we’ll pretty much stick to this but add in other foods, like maybe a dessert once in a while. Right now there are no refined sugars, either, but eventually he might feel better about having stuff like that now and again.

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