Rough Cut Season Two Sneak Peek

Tommy and Eli are hard at work on a project for Season Two of Rough Cut.

Can anyone guess what they’re working on?

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One Response to Rough Cut Season Two Sneak Peek

  1. howlingwolf says:

    Caught your show yesterday, and was impressed w/the attention to layout, method of work and details not seen on similar shows.
    That said, the registration & login process on your site is a mess, especially on samsung moment. I registered, got the confirmation code, loged in, & when prompted to log in again for a forum, was informed that I am invalid, my email address doesn’t exist, etc. I re-registered under a different email address and “seem ” to be logged in. I see a note re “contact an administrator in case of login problems ” Hey people, try it on a samsung. No contact button exists.
    If any passerby can help it would be appreciated. Also, a tutorial of some sort for the forums would be really nice.

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