New and Improved Rough Cut Station Finder

Try out the new and improved Rough Cut Station Finder

Hey everyone! The Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac Station Finder has been upgraded!

Pop in your zip code and find our when Rough Cut is airing on a station near you. You’ll first get to select your digital TV provider (cable, satellite, OTA, etc.) and then find out channel, date, time and episode title.

Watching Rough Cut has never been so easy!

Do you have a favorite Rough Cut Season 1 episode ? Tell us about it.

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  1. hopsing says:

    I have enjoyed the series, but especially liked the flag box and blanket chest epizodes. I have learned something new in each epizode and I have been woodworking for years. I would like to see a wall mounted military medal display case (Veterans Day Epizode). Recently, while cleaning the house my wife gathered our fathers WWII patches and medals only to find many missing. They never encased them. We currently have two sons in the Army and we want to save and encase theirs before lost. The project case could also be used for other displays, like Boy and Girl Scouts. There is media that teaches and media that showcases projects. Yours does both and is a requirement for show longevity. Great Show!

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